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Proven Custom Air Purification for Your Business

Your business is important. It’s your livelihood and you need to protect it. Mold, dust, allergens, viruses, and bacteria aren’t always solved with over the counter cleaning supplies and solutions. Our team of indoor air quality experts will assess the quality of the air in your workplace and match it with custom air purification solutions utilizing UV light technology, the same standard used in hospital operating rooms. You, and your customers, deserve to breathe easier. 

Many systems cost as little as $950. That’s indoor air quality peace of mind for less than $3 a day.*

From professional offices to hotels, medical offices to restaurants, our team has the solution for you.


VisionAire Solutions Testimonial

“We researched the best options to safely reopen our dental office after mandatory closure for COVID-19.  Chad Shealy was great to work with, and very instrumental in the process.  His product, Reme Halo, was far superior to other products on the market.  Reme Halo treats the entire office vs many HEPA filtration units that only treat small areas.  The installation process was quick and easy, and we have the peace of mind knowing that our office, staff and patients are protected by Induct Air Purification.”

– L.M. Dentistry

Leveraging The Technology

Each business is unique. Your solutions need to be unique too. Maybe the best HEPA air filters will do the job. Or maybe you will see more efficiency out of strategically placed UV LED lamps; making them the best solution for you. Your business needs the right environmental systems installed to preserve your indoor air quality. Our team will help you, guiding you through the entire process of selecting and implementing the right clean air strategy for you and your business.

It’s your livelihood. Keep it safe.

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